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All Saints'

C of E Primary School

Inspired by christ - Reaching out to all - Being the best we can be

Vision and Mission Statement

Inspired by Christ - Reaching out to all - Being the best we can be


As Christ the Sower offered his love freely and for all, so at All Saints’ we seek to nurture Christ’s love and his image in all of our children. Working in partnership with each student, their families and carers, we pledge to help them grow into happy, confident, and independent young people, whose enquiring minds will flourish in the world, seek after the truth, and serve others.


Mission Statement


Inspired by Christ - Reaching out to all - Being the best we can be


Bible Verse

‘Seed fell on good soil. It came up, grew and produced a crop,

some multiplying thirty, some sixty, some a hundred times.’ (Mark 4.8)


All Saints’ Church of England school seeks to be the fertile ground into which the seed of God’s love - through Christ -  is sown and where it can begin to bear abundant fruit.  Jesus, like a loving sower (Mark 4.1-8), works tirelessly to help us follow a nurtured path for the benefit of all.  We believe that God’s work is to be lived out through caring endeavour, and through building healthy relationships between all members of our community.  God, who sows his seed of love, helps us to build a healthier, more caring and fruitful world.

Jesus sows seed freely - Equal Opportunity

In the Parable of the Sower, Jesus describes how his love is offered freely and without prejudice.  Our Admissions Policy seeks to include rather than discriminate, and to offer a Christian education to all.  All Saints’ has a range of ethnicities, religious beliefs, individual needs and varied social advantage.  We are proud of all our children and reach out to all.

Children are individuals and our provision reflect individual needs.  Children are challenged to achieve their full potential, working in cooperation with fellow students and staff, regardless of ability.  Children’s education is nourished using modified timetables, and access to a range of support; this enables students to thrive in often diverse and surprising ways.  Children with Special Educational Need are exceptionally well cared for and nurtured;  they demonstrate outstanding progress.  Equal opportunity at All Saints’ does not mean ‘the same for all’: provision is based on helping each individual child to flourish in God’s changing world.  All children are helped to be the best they can be regardless of social, financial or academic advantage.

Nurturing Seeds - Change Makers

Difference is made through change and action and it is rooted in the healthy, dynamic relationships between staff and students.  Jesus tells us that the Sower spreads the seed as widely as possible and our school seeks to spread Christ’s message of love and wisdom.  Children at All Saints’ are nurtured, challenged, and encouraged to engage with issues that affect our school, community and planet.  Children are ready to make a difference; their commitment is deep-rooted.  Our ‘global curriculum’ is broad, balanced and challenging.  Children are encouraged to reflect on things that need to improve and are challenged to play their part in effecting change.  From improving behaviour at playtime to fighting climate change, children believe they can make a difference.  Jesus asks us not to be passive before the problems of the world. As one of us he, he seeks to work with the children of the world to sow the seeds of change throughout the world.

Cherishing Growth - Sustainable Goals

With care and cooperation, the seeds sown by the Sower grow into plants that sustain and feed the world.  When the UN published the charter on a sustainable future, it was meant to be acted upon.  The Parable of the Sower is a call to action and it reminds us that the cosmos supports our life and our care is urgently needed to protect and restore it.  Regardless of faith, our children are determined to be the best they can be and play their part in this urgent task.  Examples of our work include a total ban on single use plastic bottles within school , a plan to reduce non-biodegradable waste, and growing our own food and supporting charities which seek to end poverty. 

Bearing fruit and flourishing – towards a Growth mindset

Growth and development is at the heart of the Parable of the Sower. But Jesus challenges and guides, rather than dictates what we do in life: he offers possibilities and hope.  He issues a challenge to acknowledge our personal responsibility for our own growth.  The children at All Saints’ demonstrate this sense of personal accountability and are guided to take responsibility for their own learning.   To encourage progress, there is a relentless focus on effort rather than achievement.  Children are encouraged to take risks and they understand that to fail is simply a ‘First Attempt in Learning’.  Children report on their improvements and targets to their parents and to each other, while our Marking Policy ensures that feedback is both timely and makes a difference.  ‘Assessment for Learning’ is exemplified in our teaching policies and underpins academic, spiritual and personal development.  The Sower seeks to nurture and help us grow; our growth mindset seeks to empower.  We are all inspired by Jesus’ message.

The Parable of the Sower reminds us that Christ offers love and wisdom freely to all, and that we are not passive recipients, but active and personally responsible for what we do with the gifts we are given.  Christ’s message is central to our learning, and to our living as a school ‘inspired by Christ’.