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Relationships Health and Sex Education

At All Saints' we follow the Relationships, Health and Sex Education Curriculum.  Most of the curriculum is a statutory part of the National Curriculum.  Here is an overview of what we teach at All Saints'.

At All Saints', we are aware that parents should understand what is taught and are aware of the areas that they can withdraw their child from.  In the summer term each year, we hold a presentation for parents to present the resources we use to teach the following aspects.  The work covered in year 6 about conception is not statutory and parents are able to withdraw their child from learning if they choose to.


Year Group

RHSE content

Statutory/ Non statutory 


  • Caring for ourselves - personal hygiene
  • Developing healthy relationships with friends and family
  • Keeping ourselves safe

NSPCC video (The Pants Song)




  • Expalining sexual differences between males & female, including external genitalia
  • Human Life Cycle
  • Challenging gender stereotypes
  • Keeping ourselves safe NSPCC video (The Pants Song)



  • Explaining sexual differences between males and females, including external genitalia 
  • Keeping Safe - judging what is acceptable contact and what isn't
  • Recognising when to ask for help.



  • Introduction to puberty 
  • Revision of external genitalia and sexual differences between males and females
  • How puberty is linked to reproduction
  • Growing up & how people's needs change



  • Puberty in greater depth
  • Teen puberty challenges
  • Online safety & appropriateness
  • Boys & girls separate: Periods (includes naming external genitalia)



  • Positive & healthy relationships
  • Boys & girls separate: Periods 
  • Teen puberty challenges
  • Boys & girls separate: Human conception







Non Statutory (right to withdraw)