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P.E. and Sports Premium

The Sports Premium Grant allows schools to improve access, participation and enjoyment of competitive sport.


In the financial year 2014/15 All Saints' Primary received £8,905 and in 2015/16 All Saints' received £9479.25


We used the sports grant to build a Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) on a little used patch of ground on our school site.  This allowed children to play team games all year round.  The surface is safer than the old concrete or uneven grass.


To finance this build, the school raised its own funds.  ASSA (our parents association) contributed £35,000 and the Board of Governors has also raised £25,000.  With additional school funds, a grant from the John Lyons Trust and the Sports Premium, we completed the build in April 2016. 




Through improved access to sports training, All Saints' has performed brilliantly in the inter schools competitions the following year.

In 2016/17 All Saints' received £9040.  We have used the money towards the following projects:


  • Appointed a dedicated sports coaching company to complement the PE lessons delivered by the teachers (All for Sport) which costs £11730
  • Provide specialist, weekly football coaching for girls and boys in Year 5 and 6. - £1530
  • Train staff to teach consistently outstanding PE Lessons.  This was delivered by All For Sport. £600
  • Buy new sports equipment including a climbing wall and gymnastics equipment at a cost of £7000.
  • Pay for a storage unit to store our PE equipment and make it more accessible to the MUGA which cost £3000.


In 2017/18, the school received an additional £14,331.  The school continued to invest in the sports provision started in previous years including the use of All for Sport coaching in Years 2 to 6 and specialist football coaching. 


Additional investment included:


  • Extension of Swimming lessons to years 3,4 and catch up lessons in Year 6 - £6000.  This ensures that all children leave All Saint's being able to swim 25m unaided.
  • The purchase of a minibus to allow children to attend more sporting events such as the cricket festival, netball and football matches and athletics tournaments. - £6000 contribution 
  • To ensure a lasting legacy, the school paid for a permanent member of staff to be trained as a specialist sports coach -£1000 + PPA costs.


In 2018/19 the school received a grant of £10519.  This money was used to continue to pay for the additional swimming lessons, specialist football coaching in Key Stage 2, dedicated sports coaches in Year 1 to 6. 


To ensure that we built our own 'in house' capacity to provide the highest standards of sports coaching, we employed our sports coach Ms Fallon who was trained in 2018 as a PE specialist.  She is now permanently employed to support sport throughout the school.  She trains our athletics team, runs netball clubs and coordinates participation in borough sports competitions such as the rugby league, swimming gala and athletics competitions. If you have any questions about sports coaching then please get in touch with her.



Ms Fallon - Sports Coach


The grant from the government will not exist every year and we feel it is important that the money spent will have a long lasting legacy.  The building of the school MUGA, the purchase of a minibus and new school resources and the training of a long serving member of staff will benefit the children for many years to come.

Inspired by Christ - Reaching Out to All - Being the Best We Can Be