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Parent Survey - April 2017

Dear Parents and Carers,


Thank you to everyone who responded to the Parent/ Carers survey in April. We had a great response with over 90 individual surveys filled out. The staff and governors value your opinion and are keen to improve the school in any way we can.


There are a wide range of opinions with the majority of responses being positive. I am pleased that most people think that the children are happy, safe and well taught at school. The majority of children are making good progress however there are individuals that we are aware of who could be making better progress. The main issues which I noticed were as follows:


  • the school could do more to communicate the main events to families
  • you would value more help with supporting children’s learning at school
  • homework remains an issue which divides everyone


I have met with the school Governors and staff to discuss these issues and have come up with some ideas which may help:




This is a very important issue to us and one that we are aware needs improving. Currently, all our events are communicated via the school newsletter with text message reminders being sent out close to important days. We realise that you are sometimes bombarded with emails and texts and things can get missed. At the beginning of each half term, we will send out a paper copy of our newsletter which will have the important dates. We will also read this newsletter with the children so that they can also tell you what is going on at school. We are also hoping to install a digital display at the front of the door which will display important information.


Supporting your children at home


The staff at All Saints’ have agreed to create a brief plan at the beginning of each half term. This will tell you about the new Cornerstones topics, any swimming or PE days and will give you notice about trips. It will also give you a guide to the academic work being covered in class. Over time, these plans will improve as we add useful links to websites and texts which will help your child at home. We are looking at ways to share children’s achievement with you but we are mindful of the need priortise children’s effort beyond grades.




This issue remains a divisive one and one that is difficult to get right for everyone. The survey results for this issue were as follows:


Q9 Do you feel your child receives appropriate homework for their age?


Strongly agree 17%

Agree 53%

Disagree 22%

Strongly disagree 2%

Don't know 6%


I have read all the individual comments for this question. There were 19 comments. Of these comments, 7 indicated that there was too much homework while 4 comments indicated that there was too little. I think that the important thing is that homework meets the individual child’s needs and that most of the time, it is completed independently. We give homework to help children feel more responsible for their own learning and to consolidate work done in class. If it feels that we are not getting this right, please talk to the class teacher. It is not our intention to stress the children before they come to school or take too much of your family time. Where you would like more homework, we have mathletics available for key stage 2 and scholastic reading for all of key stage 1 and 2.


Schools always look such a busy place but we are never too busy to speak with you. If there is anything you would like to discuss then please do get in touch. Your child’s teacher is often the first point of contact but I am available too via the school office or you are welcome to contact me directly in the playground before or after school.


Thanks again for your support.


Yours faithfully,


Luke Bridges

Headteacher of All Saints’ Primary School



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